So, it’s back to work and time to activate those New Year Resolutions –

Wikipedia describes a New Year Resolution as where a person resolves to…

  1. Continue good practices
  2. Change an undesired trait or behaviour
  3. Accomplish a personal goal
  4. Or otherwise improve their life at the start of the New Year.

So, in formulating worthwhile New Year resolutions, it is about identifying those good practices from last year and continuing and improving on them in the New Year.  But importantly, changing any negative behaviours and setting goals that will improve outcomes in 2022.

Last year at BIQ, in our first year of operation and in the worst of Covid circumstances, we had an amazing success and deal flow.  The good practices we observed in these many successful transactions, included a high level of positivity and a counter cyclical approach to acquisitions by purchasers, despite the circumstances.  Surprisingly, last year many buyers were focused on inner city markets, where temporary devaluation of rentals and high vacancy levels led to short term compression of multiples with a clear potential uplift in value as the market recovers in the near term.  Alternatively, other buyers paid high multiples for higher rent, highly profitable rent rolls to weather the Covid storm.

Smart buyers of rent rolls knew; that market conditions were creating unique purchase opportunities.

At Buxton iQ, as Covid drags on, we believe that the volume of these opportunities will only escalate in 2022.

So, for some a realisable goal in 2022 might be to opportunistically; buy a rent roll, but for others it might be to sell or merge in a highly active market, to enjoy the lifestyle that retirement or semi-retirement could bring.

Whatever your goals and aspirations for 2022, at Buxton iQ we wish you a happy and prosperous New Year and look forward to assisting you however we can; in buying, selling, or increasing the value of your rent roll.