BuxtoniQ helps real estate people find the best opportunities the market has to offer.

Through our strategic approach and an extensive network of contacts, we help those wanting to fully acquire or take partial shares in an agency or rent roll.

While some rent roll sales or assets are listed on our media, many are “off market”, listed privately with us for a variety of reasons.

We’ll help you identify the best opportunity to meet your needs.

  • Purchase your first business
  • Find the asset best matched to your current business
  • Select a rent roll or agency well placed to realise cost synergies or diversify your revenue
  • Identify an opportunity to increase market share rapidly
  • Acquire a client base aligned to your future growth plans

Strategic consulting to assist your purchase – and make your transition sound, smooth and profitable.

Strategic consulting to assist your purchase – and make your transition sound, smooth and profitable.


For owners, a real estate business or rent roll represents years, sometimes decades of hard work and thought leadership.

At BuxtoniQ, we understand that effort and appreciate you may have a variety of factors to consider as well as realising the best possible price.

To achieve your desired outcome, our approach is thoughtful and disciplined. 

  • Identify what’s unique about your situation
  • Understand your financial, personal and business requirements
  • Uncover the true value of your business
  • Find a buyer with the right motivation, resources and ability
  • Formulate the correct terms, settlement and retention periods
  • Draw on our extensive experience to facilitate a seamless transition.

Why engage BuxtoniQ?

  • Proven methodology
  • Always discrete with information
  • You stay in control throughout
  • Proactive – we don’t just list, we actively market
  • Dedicated media and an extensive database
  • Diligence – detailed focus on terms and conditions
  • We invest our time to understand your unique requirements
  • A comprehensive review of your environment and operations to uncover any hidden value.


• Strict Confidentiality
• Ensure Asset is Sale Ready
• Prepare Information Memorandum
• Find the Right Buyer
• Negotiate Best Possible Price and Terms
• Ensure Smooth Integration and Transition
• Accountability in Marketing Process